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Only a handful of things change as quickly as the web. Since we opened our doors in 2007, we have seen various CSS design trends burst onto the scene and rise to their peak.

At Design 2Day, our core goal is to ensure that your site remains on top of all trends and far ahead of the competition by providing all our users with top-notch CSS design resources. It hardly matters if you are searching for slick CSS animations, modern parallax scrolls, or accessible websites, we have something here for everyone.

Our History

In late 2007, a small team of web designers in Boston banded together to search for the most popular CSS design trends they had noticed on the web. This initial meeting eventually led to the creation of Design 2Day, with the core goal of helping web designers across the globe find new inspiration.

Our Team

  • Danny T. Dodd (CEO and Founder)
  • Angela K. Francis (Lead Creative Director)
  • Clarissa F. Kelvin (Assistant Creative Director)
  • Thomas A. Nava (Senior Trend Analyst)
  • Stephanie G. Stanton (Junior Trend Analyst)
  • Janice M. Snyder (Senior UX Researcher)

Fuel Your Inspiration With These Resources From Design 2Day

'90s Style Navigation

Various designers have recently begun to push back against the fast-moving nature of the web by turning back the hands of time on their websites. This trend often includes simple page navigations that call back to the early days of the internet.

Structured Fonts

Fonts are the beating heart of websites and can often be the difference between a user scrolling through your page and moving off elsewhere. This constant need to capture attention with typography has led to modern designers turning to structured and stable fonts.

Interactive Dynamic Scrolling

Dynamic scrolling has been one of the most popular trends in recent years and for good reason. This beautiful effect helps bring interactivity to the simplest of websites, making it impossible for your users to take their eyes off their screens whenever they scroll through your pages.

Helpful Websites

- Weblow

- Adobe

- Canva

What People Say About Design 2Day

"Spotting design trends has never been simpler. With Design 2Day, I no longer have to break a sweat about what to include on my websites. All I have to do is flick through their gallery and let the inspiration come to me." - Juan Pollock (UX Analyst)

"I still can't believe Design 2Day has existed since 2007! Their gallery of design trends is so easy to go through, and I make sure to look through it before I start any project." - Christina McGrath (UI Designer)

"If you are a designer seeking up-to-the-minute design trends for a new project, then I can't recommend Design 2Day enough. They have all the latest trends in their gallery, and it is so easy to find whatever you're looking for." - James Ortiz (UX Researcher)

"Design 2Day is the best website for any designer requiring a fresh feed of inspiration. All you need to do is flick through their gallery or search for a specific trend, and you are bound to find something that will spark your creativity" - Matthew Brown (Digital Designer)